Monday, June 8, 2015

Monsters Produce the Sleep of Reason, and Mad CO2

Monster RT01O (orange)

Monster RT01P (pink)

Monster RT01T  (teal/light blue)

Monster RT01Y  (yellow)

Monster RT01G (green)

Friday, May 15, 2015

Forgot to post from the other day.

Hidden Order 8"x11" ©Casey Lynch 2015
Another example of experimenting with this camo paper. Cutout negative space and fill it with geometries.

New Work - Pick Your Switch.

Pick Your Switch 11"x14" ©Casey Lynch 2015
Still experimenting with ways to interact with these patterns. This image has the smallest limbs removed - cutout of the printed paper.The image that remains was fixed to a neon yellow-orange Bristol board.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

possible direction for some paintings

©Casey Lynch 2015
a digital sketch of a possible direction I might take with some future paintings. thinking about camouflage, blending in, sticking out, Roger Caillois, Jacques Lacan, evolution, excessive mimicry, Darwin, etc.

Friday, May 1, 2015

New Drawings!

Here are some examples of the drawings that are available as the $50 reward on my Kickstarter. They are 9x12 inches, pen and color pencil on parchment paper, with Realtree© printed paper cutouts under the parchment, all mounted on 96lb Bristol board. There will be five versions of each drawing, each with a unique color scheme and page placement.

Monster RT01Y ©Casey Lynch 2015

Raise 'Em Up RT01G ©Casey Lynch 2015

Tailgate RT01P ©Casey Lynch 2015

Some of What I'm Thinking About

I am calling the drawing style "neon light" style. Although I am emulating the "Outer Glow" effect from Adobe Photoshop, neon lights are a motif in Country Music that (as synecdoche) signify a (alcohol) bar, a place that of houses many rituals. The country bar is a place to be alone but with people, to do some thinking, to drown one's sorrows, and to forget. But it is also also a place to celebrate, to dance, to party, and perhaps find a mate.

In Art speak, the Bar may be thought of as a heterotopia, a site where inhabitants are simultaneously present and absent. (Examples are the "space" inside a mirror, a cemetery, and the honeymoon vacation. ~Michel Foucault) "The bar" is also a term used in linguistics. Often illustrated as a diagram, "the bar" is a line that separates the siginifed from the signifier, a barrier that must be crossed in order for meaning to happen ~F. de Saussure.

With this new body of work, I'm thinking about the possible meanings of, and the hidden truths behind imagery that resonates with me as being Southern* or ore broadly, "Country." I am exploring my sentiments for "the country" and the American South through images and objects that sparked both fear and awe in my younger self, and nostalgia and desire in my adult self. The drawings featured here use the pickup truck as both subject and object; a thing that illuminates and is illuminated; a person whose interior is camouflaged but whose outline radiates.

My work has always used artificial light as a trope. In many cultures, religions, and even scientific theories, natural light (and its absence) play a critical role in describing ultimate truths. My work uses artificial light [light sources controlled by humans] to pose questions such as, "What does it mean for light to be artificial? Can there even be a such thing as artificial light?" and by extension, "What can that teach us about Truth?"

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Digital Collages - rewards for my upcoming Kickstarter.

These will be printed using premium, museum quality inkjet printing on heavyweight 100# archival paper.
Just Some Good ©2015 (9x16 inches)

el Camino ©2015 (11x14 inches)

Pat Cutlass ©2015 (9x16 inches)

Diesel 250 ©2015 (11x14 inches)

Saturday, April 4, 2015


when you look at complex patterns too long, you realize it's just chaos.